GSO Buzz Striplight

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GSO Buzz Striplight
ID: Undefined
GSO Buzz Striplight

Rarity: Common
Corporation: Galactic Survey Organisation (GSO)
License Grade: 2

Purchase Value
246 ฿฿
Scrap Value
82 ฿฿

Health Points: Unknown
Mass: Unknown


This strip light has good coverage and also doubles as a bug zapper too.

The GSO Buzz Striplight is a light accessory block, useful for shining your way in the night.

It has 2 Attachment Points.

This block has about 250 HP.

It, like all GSO blocks, can be crafted with a GSO Fabricator.

Currently, large numbers of lights cause significant FPS drop. Until further optimizations go through, keep the number of lights to a minimum to reduce performance issues.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The GSO Buzz Striplight can be used to provide a white underglow for your tech. It is thin enough that it will fit without trouble, under most vehicles.

History[edit | edit source]