GeoCorp Refinery

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GeoCorp Refinery
ID: 592
Prefab Name: GC_Refinery_223
GeoCorp Refinery

Rarity: Common
Corporation: GeoCorp
License Grade: 2

Purchase Value
618 ฿฿
Scrap Value
206 ฿฿

Health Points: 2178
Mass: 10
Has Mandatory Anchor

A nice hardy GeoCorp Refinery. There's nothing too special about it, just a solid workhorse to get those raw chunks refined.

The GeoCorp Refinery is a manufacturing block that is used to process raw resources into refined ones. Refined resources are important for crafting later-tier blocks and also are worth more Block Bucks than their raw counterpart. It is extremely similar to the the GSO Refinery in function. It refines at the same rate and even has input and output terminals in the same position.

The GeoCorp Refinery is often unpopular among many compact base builders who may prefer the smaller form of the GSO Refinery or the Venture Mobile Refinery. It is, however interesting to build with due to its design and GeoCorp-based colour and style.

It, like all GeoCorp blocks can be manufactured with a GeoCorp Fabricator.

History[edit | edit source]

[] Introduced