Hawkeye Counter AI Module

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Hawkeye Counter AI Module
ID: 587
Prefab Name: HE_AI_Module_Guard_112
Hawkeye Counter AI Module

Rarity: Rare
Corporation: Hawkeye
License Grade: 3

Purchase Value
5700 ฿฿
Scrap Value
1900 ฿฿

Health Points: 1000
Mass: 2
Fuel Capacity: 50 Refill Rate: 1
Weapon Rotate Speed: 250
Fire Interval: 0.1 second(s)
Firing Kickback: 5
Projectile Velocity: 20
Projectile Spray: 0.2
Damage: 12 (Bullet)

The Hawkeye Counter A.I. Module is a tough unit that acts as the brain for autonomous attack Techs.

The Hawkeye Counter AI Module is a grade 3 Control block manufactured by Hawkeye. Like all Hawkeye blocks, it can be crafted with a Hawkeye Fabricator.

It has 6 attachment point(s) and takes up 2 cell(s).

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Counter AI Module functions exactly like any other AI in the game and thus should be used the same way.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even if the wheels contract due to the block being attached to any other block, they will still function normally.
  • The functionality might be a subject to change in future patches.