Hawkeye Cruise Missile

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Hawkeye Cruise Missile
ID: 454
Prefab Name: HE_CruiseMissile_121
Hawkeye Cruise Missile

Rarity: Rare
Corporation: Hawkeye
License Grade: 3

Purchase Value
33960 ฿฿
Scrap Value
11320 ฿฿

Health Points: 100 (Volatile)
Mass: 2
Fragility: 1
Death Damage: 150
Death Radius: 3-6
Death Impulse: 300
Weapon Rotate Speed: 60
Fire Interval: 5 second(s)
Firing Kickback: 2
Projectile Velocity: 15
Projectile Spray: 0
Damage: 100 (Explosive)
Primary Splash Radius: 4
Secondary Splash Damage: 175
Secondary Splash Radius: 8
Impulse force: 175
Projectile Lifetime: 2.2 second(s)

A powerful smart missile that will actively seek targets and cause a massive amount of damage on impact.

The Hawkeye Cruise Missile is a grade 3 weapon block manufactured by Hawkeye. Like all Hawkeye blocks, it can be crafted with a Hawkeye Fabricator.

It has 3 attachment point(s) and takes up 3 cell(s).

It is highly explosive when destroyed.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Despite being a cruise missile the range is pretty short and its DPS is quite low. Its price is also pretty prohibitive, both when crafting and purchasing. The real advantage over most ballistic weapons and homing weapons, however, is that it has some tracking. Compared to regular ballistic weapons such as the GSO Megaton Cannon, it is slightly better as movement in its target has less impact to its practical accuracy. Other homing weapons may have a higher DPS as well as better tracking against fast targets, but the cruise missile has a massive splash radius, allowing it to bypass shields and damage more blocks simultaneously. As a result, the Cruise Missile is good for wearing down large, tough opponents at range - Especially because its effective range is higher than that of ballistic weapons, able to strike them while other ballistics must get dangerously close to the enemy for their maximum effectiveness.

Bear in mind that the block itself is pretty weak so Venture Repair Bubbles are required prevent it from exploding if it gets damaged. Also, shields are a necessity to prevent it from being caught in splash damage.

The missile takes a second to be launched opposite of its attachment direction with some force, while still being affected by gravity, before the rocket engine activates and it flies off in its orientation. Otherwise, if they bump into something, the missile will not fly off and instead it will just explode, not damaging the tech that launched it. The missile will also not fire if it was obstructed by a block attached on the same tech (For example, putting a rotor blade on top of it will prevent it from flying off).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the missile encounters an enemy that is too far from the player to be targeted manually (even when mid-flight, assuming that no enemies are nearby), it will chase that enemy. Since enemy techs stop moving and will not attack from a certain distance, the missile can be used to pick them off easily thanks to its slightly increased range and high damage. This is true as a part of update.
    • Notable examples included Spider King from Crowntop Hill Fort, Wing-Nut from Rock Creek Bridge, the watchtower from Charlie Watchtower, and the SAM Turret from the SAM Site Ridge. (The latter two must have their shields disabled, however, due to the massive size.)
  • If this block was destroyed when the missile is absent, it will still explode. This is because the missile is a part of the block's animation and the entire block is programmed to be explosive.
    • Despite not featuring any ammo refill system, this weapon is re-usable.
    • This implies that it is indeed capable of reloading itself with a supply of spare missiles and the explosion comes from the unseen missile cache.
    • As with all weapons, when mounted on a tech, a short period of time identical to its fire interval must pass before the weapon can be actually fired. This makes a hilarious situation where a loaded missile cannot be fired.
  • It is almost impossible to salvage Cruise Missiles from other techs. Not only rarity, they also have extremely low health, and their explosion when destroyed will destroy all other cruise missiles on an enemy tech. One will also have to get dangerously close. This means that in order to acquire one from an enemy, sufficient shielding is required, as well as a GeoCorp digger scoop and one of their other melee weapons to disable the tech carrying it, then use the drill to slowly take it apart.
  • Real-Life cruise missiles have very significant range in great excess of the in-game missile. The reason behind this is unknown.