Version 0.7.2

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Version 0.7.2
Version Date 22 December 2016

Version chronology

Previous Version Next Version
0.7.1 0.7.3

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New Features/Content/Improvements[edit | edit source]

  • Added new Mission Log which provides more information about your current missions, such as how far away they are and what rewards they give. Press the 'L' key or click on the current objective panel to open the Mission Log.
  • Added a mission tracker which gives notifications when new missions are added to the Mission Log or objectives are updated.
  • New blocks:
    • Added the Hawkeye Scrapper to the game (Hawkeye Grade 3, available once Hawkeye Grade 2 is maxed out).
    • Added the new Hawkeye Fabricator (Grade 2).
    • Added the new Hawkeye Helios AI Sentry (Grade 2).
  • Added lots of new Techs to the population.
  • Implemented an early test version of the Grabit 3D model viewer. This option appears when taking a snapshot of a Tech. Tech models can then be uploaded to Grabit and viewed in the online 3D viewer.
    • Eventually, you will be able to purchase 3D printed Techs through this method, but that option won't be available until the New Year. Feel free to upload your favourite builds and view them in various materials that will be available.
  • Performance improved for machines with lower end graphics cards.
  • Updated translations from the TT Translator team (many thanks to José Prieto, Kristian Sipkes, Moisés Ojeda Gutiérrez, Malte "SenorRageQuit" Hübner, Raúl “Cusuno” Zeas and Viktor Bengtsson for the recent translation updates).

Game Design Tweaks:[edit | edit source]

  • Block revisions:
    • Increased the pick-up range of all Scrappers. Geocorp has the largest radius, then Hawkeye is a little smaller and GSO and Venture have the smallest pick-up range.
    • Increased the range of Hawkeye Missiles and decreased their damage slightly.
    • Increased the lift power of the Hawkeye Rotors and the Venture Nose Propeller.
    • Added Hawkeye & Venture Blocks to Sumo. Expanded the GSO and GeoCorp Block selection too.
  • Updated the enemy population spawning filters to reduce keep the sizes of enemy Techs in missions consistent per grade whatever the size of the player Tech.
  • Updated mission reward Payload Crates to gift multiple blocks. Higher grade missions give more blocks.
  • Prevent player attaching the SCU to their Tech during the SCU mission.
  • Fabrication of all blocks is now allowed once a corporation's level has been maxed out.

Art Tweaks:[edit | edit source]

  • The in-game HUD layout has been revised to have the current mission objective in the top right and the corporation XP bars in the top left.
  • Improved the Tech snapshot overlay.
  • Updated the appearance of Crafty Mike.
  • Added clearer input and output indicators on the Hawkeye crafting blocks.

Bug Fixes:[edit | edit source]

  • Crash bug fixes:
    • Multiple crash bug fixes.
    • Game now ignores corrupted save files in load saves screen instead of crashing.
    • Fixed crash bug when loading game saves from particular older builds.
    • Fixed crash when saving larger snapshots.
    • Prevent crash occurring when crafting blocks produce resources onto unloaded tiles.
  • Mission related bug fixes:
    • Fixed radar mission text interrupting the solar generator mission text on reload.
    • Fixed progression blocker when saving during the explanatory text at the end of the Battery mission.
    • Fixed crates not unlocking when mission objectives are met.
    • Fixed incorrect mission description for Master Harvester I.
    • Fixed progression blocker when dragging wood onto filter during Crafty Business III mission.
    • Fixed being able to spawn multiple Generators in Crafty Business III mission.
    • Fixed bug where killing a Tech with only missiles wouldn’t always count it towards your enemies defeated score.
    • Fixed Hawkeye Fabricator not being given as a mission reward.
  • Prevented Trading Station being on top of landmarks (only fixed for new playthroughs).
  • The block palette is now made available whenever you have a SCU.
  • Can now manually place blocks into a GeoCorp Scrapper.
  • Fixed issue with blocks getting stuck when going into a GeoCorp Scrapper.
  • Fixed placement of overlays on non 16:9 resolutions.
  • Fixed display of Snapshot screen to appear correctly in non-16:9 aspect ratio screen sizes.
  • If the last player Tech is defeated, any open shop now automatically closes

Known Issues:[edit | edit source]

  • Most of the original base blocks have now been replaced with newer versions for the updated crafting system. The older base blocks now appear magenta in the game and will be removed completely in update 0.7.2 (sometime near the end of 2016). This should give you time to replace any old base blocks that you have on existing Techs and bases before they vanish forever.
  • Rocks on steam vents can respawn after reloading.
  • Multiple resources travelling close to each other along Conveyors may generate bottlenecks and clog bases up, especially around Refineries and Filters.
  • When using a GSO Anchored AI Module to make a turret, its default behaviour is incorrectly set to Idle and needs to be set to Follow for it to attack enemies.
  • Graphical issues with red projector on terrain when enemies spawn in.
  • Some radar markers may point towards things that are missing in the world.
  • Markers for missions and bases when playing in 4:3 are offset slightly.