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About TerraTech

TerraTech is an open world sandbox survival game from Payload Studios. Set amongst the stars, this is the story of an Earth contending with an expanding population and environmental damage, with profit-driven multinational corporations leading the charge to seek out and colonise new planets.

Your job is to lead that assault, building contraptions and vehicles out an array of different parts – some scavenged from others – as you look to harvest resources from your new endless, alien home to send back to Earth. This means, as well as tracking down the planet’s assets ahead of your rivals, you will also find yourself taking them on in direct combat, clearing the way for your fleet to dominate the off world.

And with said battles come the spoils of war. New vehicle parts and weapons can be scavenged from other prospectors or built from the minerals and resources you find, and by testing new technologies or discovering new blueprints you can further boost your fleet's capabilities.


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Early Access available now: Direct  •  Steam

Current Stable version: 0.7.4 (25 April 2017) | Release notes

Current Unstable version: (9 May 2017) | Release notes

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